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Mixed Skip's-entry League

CONVENOR : Carl Young   (519) 738-6930

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7:00 pm
This league is open to any member of the club and is the club’s most competitive league. This is a “Skip’s Entry” League meaning that players and teams are entered by the skip. If called upon, the League convenor might be able to assit in finding additional players not yet on a team, or in making of a whole new team. Composition of teams can be of any format: all male, all female, or mixed. The season concludes with playoffs in the spring. The winner of this League is declared to be the Curling Club of Kingsville Club Champion for the season.
Playoff Schedule in PDF
I am sure that the new curlers who have joined the Skips Entry league would like to know how the $10 that we are collecting for prize money will be distributed at year end. A link to the playoff schedule is posted above which illustrates that any team finishing in the top six will have an opportunity to win the Club Championship and teams finishing in sixth through tenth has an opportunity to win the consolation prize. To assist in reading the schedule please note that Ws and Ls preceded by a number represents winner and loser of that game. e.g. 2W means winner of game 2 and likewise 2L means loser of game 2 and so on.
Games 1 thru 4 will be played on March 15th; Games 5 thru 8 on March 22nd and Games 9 thru 12 on March 29th. Byes for each week are shown at the bottom of the schedule. I will pin a playoff schedule to the bulletin board at the club. If anyone has questions or concerns please direct them to me.
Thanks, Carl.

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